Find replacement strips, blades, and straps for your equipment.


When regular trimmer lines just won’t cut it, Rino-Tuff® blades can tackle everything from heavy weeds to light brush without any problem. They’re durable and scientifically engineered to outperform other blades, which means cutting more with less downtime to get the job done faster. Fits Weed Warrior®, Shakespeare®, or Rino-Tuff bladed trimmer heads.

  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Direct replacement
  • Easy to install

Brush Cutter Replacement Trimmer Blades

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Push-N-Load Replacement Trimmer Blades

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Replacement Strips

Pivotrim® Replacement TWIST Trimmer Line Strips by Rino-Tuff is a professional grade trimmer line that outperforms other lines on the market and features up to a 15% longer runtime for cordless trimmers. The aerodynamic twist shape reduces line resistance and vibration, which keeps the trimmer from slowing down and uses less battery energy while cutting more. The design is scientifically engineered to be more durable, lasting up to 50% longer than residential trimmer lines. Impact modifiers are embedded within the nylon to keep the line from breaking away when trimming against obstacles. The strips are also cut to size to reduce downtime, allowing you to simply load them into the trimmer head when needed.

  • Extremely durable
  • High efficiency
  • Saves time
  • Universal fit

Pivotrim® Replacement Line Strips

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The Universal Flex Strap by Rino-Tuff is a comfortable bungee trimmer strap with an adjustable shoulder pad that distributes weight evenly over your back and legs. The quick connecting clip makes it easy to attach the strap to any trimmer, blower, or sprayer. The clip features a built-in trimmer line cutter and a slot with ear plugs. The bungee strap helps extend your reach while the thick shoulder pad absorbs the shock felt while trimming. With less weight on your body, you can reduce muscle fatigue and trim for longer amounts of time.

  • Fits most trimmers, blowers, and sprayers
  • Reduces strain and muscle fatigue
  • Thick adjustable shoulder pad
  • Quick and easy connecting clip
  • Built-in line cutter and slot with ear plugs

Universal Flex Strap

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